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Patients Express Their Gratitude for Our Comfort Care Line of Gowns

Posted by ImageFIRST on Nov 1, 2016 2:02:27 PM

At ImageFIRST Kansas City, we are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with sanitized, high-quality linens and scrub uniforms in the Topeka, KS area and beyond. Furthermore, we enhance the patient experience with our exclusive Comfort Care line of patient gowns.

Going to a medical facility for testing or treatment can be an anxious experience for patients, but details like patient apparel can be a soothing feature. Our Comfort Care patient gowns are exceptionally comfortable and cozy unlike any gown. They are made from a light fabric and offers a calming softness. These gowns feature a full cut for excellent coverage, modern colors, stylish trim and remarkably comfortable fabric.

Hear from some patients yourself about our innovative line of Comfort Care patient gowns:

1 - Charleen M. from Lancaster, SC

“Your Comfort Care gown is extremely soft and luxurious and provided exceptional body coverage for me, even though I am a plus-size woman. While waiting, I felt comfortable knowing that my body was adequately covered; the soft fabric of the robe didn’t inspire any neuropathy pain the way some lesser fabrics do on my skin. I can honestly say that I was emotionally serene due to the great soft touch of the plush robe against my sensitive skin. Patients of a healthcare facility undergoing diagnostic testing are often anxious during the testing procedure. Therefore, any healthcare professional or facility that goes 'the extra mile' to take care of its patients and provide comfort is appreciated. I was extremely impressed with the care, thought and compassion that Novant Health put into its decision to provide its patients with the very best garment to provide an outstanding level of patient support.”

2 - Rosie B. from Miami, FL

“I was diagnosed with cancer. These visits are tough for me. But this gown makes me feel better; I am comfortable in the office when wearing it. This facility was truly supportive during my treatment visits and committed to my comfort.”

3 - Sue M. from Waxham, NC

“I am a breast cancer survivor and through all of the doctor visits, chemo and 31 radiation treatments and surgery, the gowns were sometimes too small to cover me and were not very comfortable. But then I got your pink gown at the Ballantyne Breast Imaging Center. It was plenty big enough, even for a plus size gal like myself and it was so soft and comforting. The gown made it a more pleasurable experience for sure!”

4 - Nereida P. from Oxford, CT

“I wore your Comfort Care Plush White Robe recently, and I noticed how white the gown was and that it was a quality item. It looked expensive and not like your average gown. Wearing the robe made me feel very comfortable, and I didn’t mind wearing it in front of others in the office. I felt very relaxed wearing the robe. The healthcare facility definitely cared very much about their patients and wanted them to feel comfortable. These robes looked and felt very expensive, and I’m sure they could’ve used a cheaper brand, but I feel that they really wanted patients to feel their best! Thanks for the wonderful experience!”

Our Comfort Care gowns are backed by our Plush Promise, which guarantees that this line will improve patients’ perception of your healthcare facility by at least 50% compared to your previous gowns. If our guarantee isn’t met, we’ll provide one month of free service!

You can learn more about our Comfort Care line of premium patient gowns or our medical scrub uniforms in Kansas City, MO by calling 1-800-932-7472 or by browsing our website.