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How Can Fairytales and Football Help You Create Remarkable Patient Experiences?

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jan 24, 2018 5:30:16 PM

Any medical facility will tell you, it’s essential to make patient care a top priority. And while many facilities will focus on the same things, it’s the real innovators who will lead the industry using new ways to improve patient care.

Sometimes, their inspiration comes from the most unlikely places. For example, Jay Juffre, the Regional Vice President, South East Region and National Service Director for ImageFIRST, recently shared some of his best concepts for creating remarkable patient care experiences. Each one was inspired by a source outside of the healthcare industry. Today, we’ll share five of them with you:

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  1. Control the “Hydra” - A hydra is an out-of-control, multi-headed, snake-like creature. The growth of health systems can be compared to the hydra because it brings complexities that can turn into an uncontrollable monster at times, which takes staff members’ eyes off of the most important things.

As health systems continue to expand, it is increasingly difficult to stay on the right path. Projects relating to vendor consolidation, IT integration, billing, and staffing may seem to come up out of nowhere. Undoubtedly, all of these things are important; but remember that patient care should always be at the heart of the “consistent experience” that you aim for.

  1. Look No Further Than Snow White - If you compared your staff to the seven dwarves from the fairy tale “Snow White,” you would hope that everyone would be like the dwarf “Happy.” Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Take a look at your team - what do you see? Are they “Sleepy” (overworked)? “Grumpy” (stressed)? Since patient care is crucial, we’re constantly looking for ways to create a “Happy” and engaged team. As an example, our #1 goal at ImageFIRST is to have associates who take pride in achieving their best. When you have happy staff members, you can watch the impact it has on your patients.
  1. Be the One They Can’t Live Without - Everyone has some type of product or company in their life that they can’t live without. Have your patients developed a similar bond with your facility? Or would they easily make the switch to a new facility if a similar hospital, practice, or office opened closer to their home? old woman 2.jpgIdeally, you want your practice to be irreplaceable - the one your patients simply cannot live without. Juffre recalls that when his second child was born, his wife insisted they return to the same hospital that delivered their first child, despite the fact that they had moved an hour away. The reason? She said the doctor, nurses, and staff had treated her exceptionally well, and it was their commitment to her care that made her want to return.
  1. How Well Do You “Own” It? - The companies that provide the best customer service know that when a problem occurs, even if they’re ultimately not at fault, it becomes their responsibility to resolve it. There may be plenty of things that are not your fault, but the question is: should you still own it? When you and your team communicate with your patients, take the time to listen to their concerns. If there’s a way for you to own it, take advantage of the opportunity.
  1. Look to the Gridiron - In professional football, the difference in talent between two teams is often very small, leaving it to the abilities of the coaches and staff to develop the game plan and execute it. Patient care is surprisingly similar.

You may have some of the most well-educated and highly qualified doctors, nurses, and staff, as well as talented organizational leaders. What your success in patient care really comes down to is how good your game plan is, and how well you and your teams execute it.


In an industry as rapidly-changing as healthcare, it’s crucial for providers to continue looking forward while keeping their eye on patient care at all times. It’s challenging, but as Juffre demonstrates, nothing’s impossible as long as you stay flexible and creative.

Now, we want to hear from you. Give us a shout on our Facebook page and let us know where you find inspiration for cultivating a more engaged staff, adjusting to change, and creating can’t-live-without patient care experiences.

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